Buxted Rifle Club – Airgun Shooting in East Sussex

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The club has been a mainstay of the local area for many years competing in local Bench Rest and HFT (Hunter Field Target) both shoulder to shoulder with other local clubs and postal with clubs from other parts of the county.

The range is situated in Framfield Road close to the railway station. We offer Hunter Field Target (HFT) and indoor air rifle shooting with lively and informative evenings shooting 25yd benchrest and knockdown type competitions based on the HFT format.

The HFT is situated in a picturesque piece of woodland a short drive from the main club. As an affiliated UKAHFT club the rules under which the targets are shot are standardised and enable club members to venture into the national series held country wide throughout the summer and compete without trepidation.

Equally the club supports the Southern Hunters Series and competes against local Sussex based teams in informal HFT competition.

All this has been achieved in a short period of time with the enthusiasm of the founding members and their hard work really paying off.

Charity Shoots – We Host

We also hold Charity shoot events with a twist to challenge the most experienced shooter while raising money for great courses take a look at our Charity Shoot Page