Hunter Field Target (HFT)

Buxted Rifle Club Hunter Field Target (HFT) Shooting

Hunter Field Target shooting and competitions have been a big part of the clubs activities for a long time and various members have contributed to filling the Buxted Rifle Club trophy cabinet!

What is HFT?

Typical HFT Target

HFT is a shooting competition that consists of pegs (fixed points that you shoot from) within a woodland / field setting.
Metal targets with kill zones are placed at various distances from these pegs and competitors are challenged to work out
• Distance from the peg to the target
• Any wind deviation they think the pellet may take


2 points are scored/awarded for a “knock-down”, 1 point for hitting (“dinking”) the plate, and 0 for a miss, known as a “doughnut”!

Why not get in contact and come and see what it’s all about.

Sounds easy right….. there’s lots more to know and also rules about what you can do during a competition at the UKAHFT website